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I am unsure where to begin this post. The romantic origin would be in highschool where I fell in love with my first boyfriend. He was always humming “Braineaters,” put “I Turned into a Martian” on a mixed tape for me and his band regularly performed “Astro Zombies” in filthy basements around our college town. A more recent beginning might be about a month ago when my dear friend Nat G-chats me in a mix of delight and dolor to inform me of Dave Pajo’s new project: an album of Misfits covers entitled “Scream With Me.” Which I suppose brings me back to the true starting point of this story, Halloween 2006.

Covers bands are of course par for any Warehouse Halloween Party course and Nat, Gram and I (still good friends, but also roomates at the time), formed a Misfits cover band for the occasion. We named our band Omlette of Disease (after the lyric from “Where Eagles Dare”- as an aside here, Misfits lyrics are TRULY the gift that keeps on giving. Once you actually slow down and listen to them they yield unending laughs of awe).

OOD only played two live shows, though I’d like to think they live in infamy (a wink here to those who were there). We are all huge Misfits fans, of course, but embraced the true spirit of a covers project, playing up the sugary structures of these bizarre, tasteless songs, rendering them, literally a de-fanged mess of 60’s and 90’s twinged pop that I think we’re proud to admit wold horrify the horrifying Glen Danzig. I don’t think we got through a single practice without fully dissolving into laughter on the floor at some point. We wondered how we could possibly tell our mothers about this fun project with these song lyrics.

Omlette of Disease recorded the material for an 7-song EP in the summer of 2007, again with captain Golden Gram at the production helm. A lot was going on at that time, including my move back to Chicago and circumstances forced us to shelve the project until a later date. That date has yet to come. In the meantime, I wanted to share several of the unfinished mixes. Just for fun.

Below are three Omlette of Disease covers performed by myself on bass and Vocals, Nat Russell on guitar and lead vocals and Gram Lebron on drums, vocals (and shredding on “Attitude”). Gram Recorded all these songs. I am also including, for your listening pleasure, the Misfits originals so you can delight in all the deconstruction as much as we did! Click on the song titles to play!

(OOD Photos by Ryan Junell)

Omlette of Disease Sings the Misfits:

One Last Caress

The Misfits Sing the Misfits:

Bullet (Misfits)
Last Caress (Misfits)

Also, Glen Danzig in his library is not to be missed:

Post Script to anyone who might have been wondering if I still bother to make music anymore. The answer is yes. My current band is called Glass Bricks, featuring John Shin, Kate Walsh (formerly of Pocket Parade and Speck Mountain ) and Albert Schatz of Bird Names and Scalpels . Shows, recordings coming this summer, when I finish grad school.