Six Beaches Without an Ocean

August 11, 2009

Six Beaches Without an Ocean Cover

My book, Six Beaches Without and Ocean is now finished. They are available for purchase or trade in VERY limited quantity. Each book is about 25 pages long, 5 x 7 inches, hand bound with covers (exquisitely) letter pressed by Reba Rakstad of Rar Rar Press get in touch with questions or trade/purchase requests.

What critics are saying about Six Beaches Without an Ocean:

Required night table reading for anyone who continues to lose sleep over the duality of content and form…

A genre-crosser of rare ability…-Rain Taxi

Like art…for people who read…-Fecal Face

A provocative meditation poised at the interstices of potential and plasticity…, a folksy re-visitation of a classic quandary: if an idea falls in the woods and no one is around to behold it, is it still a work of art?-Critical Inquiry


One Response to “Six Beaches Without an Ocean”

  1. anthony said

    i don’t get it? 🙂

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