Topics For a Date

May 19, 2009

Dating is quite exasperating, don’t you think? There is someone with whom I’d like to go on a date and In my imagination, I like him up until the point of the fantasy at which we have to sit down across from one another in some kind of establishment and have the very same obligatory conversation about who we are and how we messed up when we were younger and feel old beyond our years now and how our jobs are not a representation of what we want or who we want to be at all when really all we want to be is left alone to continue to drift aimlessly in an eternal adolescence, how as narratives, our families are awfully sad, and how we didn’t really come to realize that until recently.

I think what I’d rather do is spend a good first portion of the date in silence, quietly filling out forms. This form functions kind of like an essay exam in that it consists of a list of terms. The participant has to respond to the term, incorporating it into an introductory sentence and extrapolating from there for as long or brief as necessary. Then we will exchange the forms and read them – in continued silence-while tapping our pens to our cheeks, wincing, arching an eye brow here and there, occasionally curling the corner of a lip in a very warm way.

Topics For a Date:

Professions thought to have wanted
The fruit that best describes you
The fruit that you are or the one you want to be

The first person to have died
The darkest moment
Canned vegetables
Rain while its sunny
Fathers cooking and
Mothers cooking being something very different

Greatest humiliation to have realized
Smells of soaps
Going on a hike (to include the
Displeasures of walking both up and downhill)

This is only a partial list of course. Do feel free to submit your own! (in list form)


3 Responses to “Topics For a Date”

  1. sarah gray said

    I’ve wanted to go on dates with lots of people, but it never pans out, even to the point of boring, useless conversation.

    I like the list, heh.

  2. annie said

    i am interested in the order of the categories…
    i like it, the idea of it, maybe a list for new potential friends as well?

  3. bobby williamson said

    is there a post on how to get a date?

    i wanna be a pro

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