I Can Hear Music

March 23, 2009

I have purchased a “Storage Upgrade” which means I can now post music and videos. This happened in a fit of homework procrastination. I’m not sure why. To inaugurate my purchase I’m putting up several MP3s from the Abbyg. musical recording archives. Just for fun. (I believe you are to click on the song title to open the song).

Whole Lotta Dick

This recording is from Autumn 2005 when I lived in the attic practice space at the Landmark House in Roscoe Village. I am not sure exactly who is playing here (I’m on Bass and shrieking) but I am pretty sure that Donna Moeller and Antonia Gustaitis are in the mix (we three went on to form, during this time, our riot-prog-grrrl band, Wizard Mountain).

I don’t mean to embarrass anyone (like my parents) but I will NOT say that I don’t mean to offend anyone. I do. Although it’s rather passe these days, I do still like to think of myself as a “deconstruction worker.” It makes no sense whatsoever taking umbrage to the word “dick” while whistling “Ramble On” as you pilot your kids into softball practice. All I’m guilty of is distilling the essence of Rock N’ Roll into two unlistenable minutes of aped masculinity.


(Photo by Cielle Taff)

This song was recorded in the Summer of 2007 in Oakland, CA. with the masterful help of my good friend and former collaborator, Gram Lebron . Sadly, this is the only song our partially-realized pop band, Frenching, ever recorded. A Shame since we had lots of fun playing one another’s songs together and covers as well. Gram and I are pictured here with our brother, Nat Russell , playing as “NAG”, a self-contained round-robin unit performing at a bonfire, hootenany camping trip on Mt. Diablo in Summer, 2007. Mark Deutsch (friend, former housemate, and member of Drop Earrings), lent his time and skills on this recording as well. It’s a love song I wrote (for no one in particular, of course).


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