Write Novel/Get Date

April 2, 2008

(abstract proposal for thesis paper fulfilling the requirements of the degree of Master of Arts in Art History, Theory and Criticism)

I can’t write a novel and I
can’t get a date I
can’t get a date because
I can’t write a novel
I can write a blog but I
can’t get anyone to read it
no one will read it because
anyone can do better
and there’s no time to read
when you’re busy doing better.

I can get a date but
I can’t get a boyfriend
Because I’d rather have a
boyfriend than write a novel
but if I write a novel then
I’d get a boyfriend because
great hits trump sweet tits
and all’s banal till proven genius


3 Responses to “Write Novel/Get Date”

  1. Matt said

    I wouldn’t say no one will read it. I firmly believe in quality, not quantity, and for the other blogs I like reading, 9 times out of ten I just refresh the aggregator so I don’t see 101 unread entries. It’s nice to read, enjoy, mull, reminisce, read again, re-reminisce, mull some more. Reading your work (and it is a work, not just a blog entry) is a nice respite in the middle of the 11 emails I have received just commenting here. My words to you- It will all happen when the time is right, when it is supposed to happen. Forcing anything just creates frustration.
    Just breathe, and go with the flow, and know that you rawk, and that your work does not go unnoticed.

  2. Saerah said

    I can’t write a novel or get a date or a boyfriend either.
    But I’m not as talented/cute as you.

    Yasher Koach 🙂

  3. Munificent said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Munificent

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