Midwest Nostalgia

October 21, 2007

My three week hiatus in the Midwest is drawing to a close. After two weeks in Ann Arbor I’ve migrated to another former home, Chicago, for a long weekend. I continue to ruminate obsessively about personal geographies. How the self becomes located in environments natural, built, social, spiritual. Riding a bike through Pilsen in an uncharacteristically warm October afternoon I am assailed by overwhelming nostalgia that is not simply comprised of sights, smells, memories but a gestalt sensation imbedded at once in my past and my future.

Being a Californian now (or attempting such a project), and revisiting the site of my gravitous, brick-built self, feels, well, heavy. I combed through some archives to find a poem I wrote years ago about being located in the midwest. I’m sorry to plague you with a back story. It shocks me somehow that this text is now almost three years old.


4 Responses to “Midwest Nostalgia”

  1. Matt said

    The romanticism and passion of nostalgia is what inspires wonderful writing, such as yours. I’ve been an avid fan since the first words I read of yours a time ago. Your story telling abilities, and writing techniques have always made me swoon, in a non-weirdo-stalker way. Glad to see you still post from time to time.

  2. abbyg said

    I honestly didn’t think anyone was out there save for a few dedicated childhood friends! Or perhaps you are one of those as well? I’m flattered and touched and have added my email address to the about section in the hopes of securing (a) new pen pal(s). Thank you so much for reading!

  3. qvashty said

    Keep your privacy… but boy would we love to have you in the Midwest. love, a dedicated childhood friend

  4. sarah gray said

    As someone who longs to escape the midwest, it’s hard to understand the nostalgia… then again, I read “qvashty” up above and smile, so I guess I might get it one day, when I’m middle-aged and gray 🙂

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