Excerpt from ‘Knowland’

June 16, 2007

The surest way to not get what you want
is to ask for it.

You did not teach me this but
you will quiz me.

With severe glares and harsh
ruler raps you will
proctor the exams set in thick hours.

In bad dreams
you’ll show up at my doorstep
with men in black suits,
demanding the date that Amien
cathedral burned to the ground
or a concise explanation of relativity-

And I won’t have any

I’ll reach for your hand and
that will be wrong too.

The answer is A
and B only, B and C only,
D and E, A but not B, some
combination of three
that vaporizes my studies

leaving me frantic, searching
the window for the breeze,
elegizing junior varsity and
afternoon T.V. (and particularly)
your lips on me.


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