My Turn

December 19, 2006

A curious patron appeared in the small branch library where I work the other day. An anxious Asian man in his thirties, toned muscles bulging out of a scant wife-beater undershirt. He had a Star of David tattooed on his left forearm, the lines thick and dark. He needed to use the Internet so I got him set up on a public computer. A few minutes later he frantically waved me back over. He was trying to check his email but didn’t have a clue how to do it. Referencing a roll of printed letters in his hand, he’d spied his email address in the convoluted url tag atop one sheet and kept trying to type that into the web address bar. Things are very busy in the library so it is rare that I have the time to conduct an internet 101 class but I managed to get him logged in and versed in the procedure of deleting unwanted spam from one’s inbox. He was off and running.

A few minutes later he was striding quickly out of the library. Swerving over to the desk he thanked me loudly for my help and thrust the roll of letters into my hand. “Here this is something I wrote.” he called over his shoulder “you might like to read it.” I uncurled the pages and to my delight found the contents nothing short of beautiful. I’m not sure it’s ethical to print his name (perhaps it’s equally unethical to withhold it, you tell me) but our author appears to be a martial arts instructor based in Los Angeles. The text is rather long and better in some parts than others so I am excerpting here just the first page of the document, entitled “My Turn.” I am replicating the text faithfully just as it is, line breaks in their original form. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

My Turn

vertical horizontal centerline of the human body
heart back stomach kidney liver
right arm left leg, right leg left arm
you eat your dung, you drink your pee
two see two don’t, one thinks one feels,
your heart is your sweetheart payday and the weekend off
your kidney and liver work monday through friday
your stomach gets hungry, when it is full you have a sweetheart ache

center balance speed and power
your buddha statue your jesus christ statue your bruce lee statue your cross
your crucifix your holy bible

heart back stomach kidney liver it is closer to all your weapons.

a. all your weapons come out.
b. all telegraph movement.
c. you don’t look at 250 lbs. of muscle
a. as a fighter as an actor draw all energy from heart back stomach kidney liver
b. the human body is pointing to god (it).
c. vertical horizantal centerline, if cannot penetrate, just touch it (gently) and open up.

not brain foundation hip punch. no
“I do not hit it hit all by itself”

If your opponent looks like he is going to rip you apart, tear you limb from limb
yank out your guts and cut off your head.
he probably will

when the opponent expands i contract
when it contracts i expand
when the opponent attacks i withdraw
when it withdraws i attack

bruce lee thinking about his sister commiting suicide, bang
bob wall is on the ground.
contract expand.
dragon the bruce lee story.
jason scott lee and the caucasion in his face. kicking him out of the weight machine.
(in the gym)
jason scott lee walks 30 feet away (thinks about it) (caucasion and friends turn around)
jason scott lee “hey aren’t you coming i have to finish my work out might as well finish on you.”
contract expand


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