As the Sun Resurfaces, A Classic Revisited

July 26, 2006

8:55 AM.

The light came pouring into the white living room of Grace’s Victorian on Bryant. My body, like everything around, blanched. I crept groggily down the hall on shifting floorboards and shut myself up in the smaller of the two bathrooms to ache and shit out everything I’d drank last night. Someone had placed a copy of Laurence Ferlinghetti’s Coney Island of the Mind on the toilet tank. I remembered seeing the same edition around my parents’ house and picked it up with a curiosity defiant and nostalgic. Even at an early age, long before any kind of formal feminist awakening, I kind of dismissed the beats as self-absorbed adolescent masturbators. Once I even made some snarkily derisive reference to that very collection in my father’s company and he cast me a wounded look. “You don’t like that book?” He asked, softly crestfallen. “He’s just a dude.” I shrugged.

But this morning, hung-over, head splitting, bowls heaving, I have to say, I was loving the poems. All day I’ve been returning to them, thinking about my poet friend in Chicago who has written books on Lawrence Ferlinghetti and wishing I had the company of his scholarship. I am also entertaining getting a copy of my own.


One Response to “As the Sun Resurfaces, A Classic Revisited”

  1. R said

    July’s a good month for you and your writing… I think.

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